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With over 30 years in operation, Mellor Martial Arts continues to provide outstanding Traditional Martial Arts Training in disciplines such as Karate, Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu and Weapons Training.

From the early age of eleven Greg Mellor was showing promise of becoming a great Martial Arts teacher. At this young age his Saturdays were spent instructing younger children in Judo and Karate at the Dojo (Traditional Training School) of his teacher, Mr. Benny Allen. His commitment to teaching and dedication to his own training help Mr. Mellor to earn his Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) by the age of sixteen.

Mr. Greg MellorIn his early years Mr. Mellor was actively teaching and competing throughout Southern Ontario and the bordering American States. Although a strong competitor in all aspects of these tournaments, it was his proficiency in the discipline of Kata (Traditional Martial Arts Forms) that would earn Mr. Mellor a ticket to San Francisco and the opportunity to train with O'Sensei Richard Kim.

His teacher Mr. Benny Allen was one of the early pioneers of the Traditional Martial Arts in Canada and a strong influence on Mr. Mellor. However, recognizing the great opportunity facing his nineteen-year old student Mr. Allen was proud to see Mr. Mellor enter this next phase in his training.

Master Kim's philosophical understanding of the Traditional Martial Arts was Sensei Mellor with O'Sensei Kimunprecedented and his time-honored training methods impressed the young Mr. Mellor. Training and traveling with O'Sensei Kim around the world, Mr. Mellor earned the respect of his mentor and would later become his Canadian Technical Director in 1986; in this same year he was awarded a Fifth Degree Black Belt by Sensei Kim. Until his passing in 2001, Mr. Mellor remained a loyal student and committed learner under the tutelage of Master Richard Kim.

In 1980 Kyoshi Mellor opened his first Dojo in the Stoney Creek YMCA, and has operated a full time Dojo ever since. Since the passing of O'Sensei Kim; Mr. Mellors quest for a deeper understanding of the Karate style of Goju eventually lead him to a Chinese source of the Traditional Martial Arts.

Sifu Mo, a master of the Chinese arts, has been this source for Mr. Mellor, for several years now. Under Sifu Mo, Mr. Mellor continues to be an avid student of the Traditional Martial Arts, studying: Wu style Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and Hsing-i. These ancient styles offer Kyoshi Mellor a new level of comprehension to Goju Karate; however, Mr Mellor acknowledges that to be a student of the Traditional Martial Arts is to be a student for life.Kyoshi Mellor Teaching

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